Ayo’den is the capital of the Ayotian Empire in the region of Ayolan.

Ayo’den is a port city on the northwestern coast. Ayo’den is a major trade center and a bustling metropolis. The Grand Canal runs through the center of the city, ending in a man-made lake (Ayo’loch) at its center; extravagent boulevards extend from the canal and lake, creating a semi-circular city against the coastline.

The Imperial Palace lies in the foothills of Mt. Nokoram, with a mountain river that runs through the palace and irrigates the Imperial Gardens. The river ends in a man-made waterfall and pours into Lake Ayo’loch.

Ayo’den is known for its trade and as “the city of a thousand sights and colors” due to the colorful nature of the mercantile signs, tents, and shops.

The Great Collesseum is carved into Mt. Nokoram, which partially surrounds the northwestern boundry of the city and provides natural acoustics to the spectacles.
Orchards and grain fields dot the hills and valleys to the south and southeast areas surrounding the city.

Drug use, gambling, illegal fighting rings, piracy, smuggling, and black markets are major factors in Ayo’den. The Nine Daggers tavern is well-known as a focal point for illegal activity.

Major local animals include:

  • Tigers (orange, white, and black – rare)
  • Elephants (grey and wooly mammoth)
  • Octopi, fish, and other aquatic life figure prominently in the diet
  • Dragons figure prominently in iconography

There are four major entry points into the city:

  • By the sea, collaqually known as “the Water Road”
  • To the north, via “the Steel Road” named for the metals and ores from the mountainous northern area
  • To the west, via “the Ivory Road” named for the grazing lands of the elephants (and mammoths in the mountains)
  • To the south, via “the Blossom Road” named for the orchards and farmlands that populate much of the area south of Ayo’den proper

The Trident Docks are a series of three large dock structures that jut out into three-pronged landing areas (i.e. three trident-shaped dock structures) that provide the main docking areas for trade, travel, and private vessels.

The Salt Shacks is a neighborhood/shanty town of local sailors. The taverns here are the easiest place to find employment aboard a vessel (or a bar-room brawl). There are few independent home-owners; most of the Salt Shack dwellings serve as for-rent homes for the sailors when they return to port. Very few maintain permanent residence, and most dwellings are owned by landlords (legitimate and otherwise). Prostitution is legal in the Salt Shacks.


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